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Blue Balloon!
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Suitable for Children & adults of all ages - contains mild references to ablutions!

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Blue Balloon - A revolutionary 2D platform game by Ian StJohn — Kickstarter
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To be released on all major platforms, Blue Balloon takes 2D platforming to a whole new level,breaking the mould with a fresh approach.

The premise of the game

Mr Piggy is the guardian of the Blue Balloons in Balloon Town. The surprising importance and indeed the mystery of the Blue Balloons is revealed when you complete the game. Mr Piggy is also a big fan of Piggy Juice and one afternoon he has a little too much to drink and disaster strikes when his collection of Blue Balloons are released into the sky.

In-game Intro video

Enter Beardog, who is, not surprisingly, half bear and half dog and he is given the arduous task of the retrieval of the 50 lost Blue Balloons, (2 per level), that have become stuck or lodged to various structures in the balloon world. Beardog can walk and jump like the rest of us but he can also float by holding 2 or more balloons and he moves left or right in the air by using the controversial Forward And Reverse Thrust System. To maintain his horizontal thrust movements Beardog must replenish his Parpometer on a regular basis - this is done by collecting tins of beans in the game.

Throughout the levels Beardog can collect many bonuses which are stored as cards and can be used strategically at any time in the game.

Every level has a unique song snippet composed by the up and coming dance band 'Celestial', (which is me really), and there will be a full album's worth of music to go with the release of the game. The musical theme throughout the game is electronic dance music because Beardog and Mr Piggy like to dance, and I do mean dance! You may note that the theme to the trailer video above is very Robert Miles-ish.

As the player progresses through the levels he or she will encounter many obstacles in the form of conundrums, puzzles and AI characters that will do their up-most to burst balloons. The final boss level is a huge crescendo with a very surprising ending which i am keeping very secret.

Gameplay video - Level 1 with narration

The game will be released on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Ubuntu and Playstation.

Hello, my name is Ian StJohn and I am a retired successful businessman. You can find out a bit more about me on the profile page, Facebook and the Saintsoftware website. I haven't uploaded a video of me talking about the game because i think that it is the game that you are more interested in than me. However, if you would like a chat about the game then feel free to contact me on Skype,(ian.stjohn1), stating the nature of your approach.

I have been working on this game since last October outsourcing only the graphic designing to a contracted artist. I have invested over £5000 in equipment and software to give me the perfect tools for the design of this, my first game.

I decided to create a game with a fresh approach and what has evolved is a very different yet challenging and exciting new type of game.

I will very shortly be uploading some game-play videos that show you how the game plays though you will see some game-play snippets in the advertising trailer above.

The elevator pitch is "if you enjoy the fox,chicken and grain** type of puzzle then you will love this game, if you enjoy popping bubble wrap then you will adore this game, if you enjoy collecting things then you will relish this game and finally, if you like games that require both skill and quick strategical thinking then this game is for you." Yet despite this, the game is still suitable for kids aged 4+.

This is not a clone game and i have yet to find any game that is even remotely similar with the only contender being 'balloon kid' from the 90's. The game is unique and until now has been kept under wraps because the game type will inevitably be copied. This is why I need your help, I need to expedite the development of this game to get it fully finished, polished and marketed by the end of this summer and for that I need external help which costs money.

Marketing is the biggest factor here and, although I have a very astute business acumen and sound marketing experience, I still need the aid of the professionals to get the marketing ball rolling.

To conclude, this game is going to be big, how big and how quick is the only uncertainty. With your donation you can be part of the success of Blue Balloon and I won't forget those people who can help me achieve this.

** A man has to get a fox, a chicken, and a bag of corn across a river. He has a rowing boat, and it can only carry him and one other thing. If the fox and the chicken are left together, the fox will eat the chicken. If the chicken and the corn are left together, the chicken will eat the corn. How does the man do it?

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I have no doubt that the game can be enjoyed by millions of players but i need to get it to them. The whole gaming industry is bustling with tens if not hundreds of thousands of games fighting for the top spots in the charts and this is more of a challenge than a major risk to make the project successful.

I can, and in my mind do, have the best upcoming indie game title, but with poor marketing no one is going to get to play it. Now i have some marketing experience but I need some people focused on pushing this game into the echelons of game stardom to eliminate the risk of failure.


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