Blue Balloon!
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The Game

The Story
You play the Character Beardog who’s mission is to collect all the missing blue balloons for his best mate Mr Piggy who lost them all when he fell over in a drunken stupor.

Each level contains two blue balloons  both of which must be presented to Mr Piggy to progress to the next level.

Sounds simple eh? But there are many hazards in Beardog’s way but his biggest hurdle is the height at which the balloons have become stuck.

Game Controls
The game is a 2D-platformer in a physics world that utilises either keyboard, mouse or touch screen input with a revolutionary control system for vertical movement. The only way that Beardog can move up or down is by picking up or popping balloons. Moving sideways whilst in mid air involves the use of  our new controversial  Forward And Reverse Thrust System , (Aka F.A.R.T.S power) known as Phraarp power within the game.

Game Levels
The Lite version contains an introductory tutorial and the first 5 levels. The full version contains a further 20 levels and a final Boss level.

At the end of every level is a balloon popping frenzy bonus level where you must find the passcode to progress in the game

Hidden within the bonus levels and indeed the game are various bonus cards which give Beardog various power ups and can be used whenever you wish during the game.

Throughout the different levels, Beardog will encounter many obstacles and baddies ranging from prickly bushes to stinging Jellyfish .

Game Music
One of the first things that you will notice in the game is that beardog & Mr Piggy love dancing and are great fans of Dance Music.

Throughout the game you will be entertained by an Album’s worth of original Dance Music by the new ‘up and coming’ dance band Celestial . Together with lots of special sound effects you are destined to have an audio experience that will blow your mind! - Get those headphones on and crank up the volume!

Gaming Platforms
The game will be released this Autumn 2014 for Windows PC, Mac OSX, HTML5, IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu & Tizen -

Console releases expected in 2015.

Mobile Page
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Suitable for Children & adults of all ages
- contains mild references to ablutions!